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Technical Details
Photos from various repairs.

07/22/2006 New Brake Booster and Brake Master Cylinder
07/22/2006 New Brake Booster and Brake Master Cylinder  |  Total images: 4  |  Date added: 06/21/2011
When inspecting the car before we bought it I noticed an occasional drop of brake fluid from in-between the master cylinder and brake booster. So when the Eldorado finally got to our place I already had a new booster and master cylinder waiting to be installed.Everything went in pretty easily and the only adjustment needed was the brake light switch.
underbody060804  |  Total images: 7  |  Date added: 07/17/2010
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01/07/2007 Melted Wire Protector
01/07/2007 Melted Wire Protector  |  Total images: 3  |  Date added: 06/21/2011
Upon returning home from a 50 mile roundtrip I noticed a slight smell of burnt plastic and a quick look under the hood revealed a melted plastic wire protector. It is located right below the VIR valve and above the right hand exhaust manifold. The engine was not unusally hot nor were there any other obvious problems.
New Carburetor and Timing Chain, March & April 2008
New Carburetor and Timing Chain, March & April 2008  |  Total images: 153  |  Date added: 06/21/2011
I got a rebuilt carburetor from carbsonly.com and when I installed it I rounded off the fuel line nut. Once I got the new fuel line I decided to go ahead and do the whole project I had been planning on this spring anyway. Besides the carburetor I put in a new timing chain & sprockets, water pump, fuel pump, power steering pump & pressure hose, spark plugs & wires, EGR valve, factory and aftermarket coolant sensors, heater control valve, heater & coolant hoses and a few other small things. Unfortunately the rebuilt carburetor turned out to be the wrong model (California spec) so I sent it back and went ahead and rebuilt the original carburetor myself. However, the symptoms were pretty much the same afterwards but a little less pronounced.
Rebuilt Carburetor by Sparky's Carburetor Service, October 2008
Rebuilt Carburetor by Sparky's Carburetor Service, October 2008  |  Total images: 44  |  Date added: 06/21/2011
After my unsuccessful rebuilt of the original carburetor I got a core from AZ Vintage in Arizona and had it shipped to Sparky's for a rebuilt. Finally I got around to putting the carburetor in. Good news is that the stumbling at full throttle is gone, bad news is that the rough idle issue is still there. Obviously more troubleshooting is required.
April 2009 New Heater Core
April 2009 New Heater Core  |  Total images: 57  |  Date added: 06/21/2011
Before reinstalling the air condition system I figured I might as well check the climate control air delivery box under the dash. This box has al the different air doors and the heater core in it. When it was out it was obvious that the heater core had already been leaking slightly. The leak was small enough so it would drip out of the box but it was definitely wet in their. I replaced it with a new heater core, checked all the vacuum solenoids and put everything back together. I also replaced the malfunctioning climate control programmer at the same time.
April 2009 ALC Changes
April 2009 ALC Changes  |  Total images: 11  |  Date added: 06/21/2011
The Automatic Level Control Compressor has not been working since we bought it but the system was still hooked up per the original layout. I didn't want to deal with finding a working ALC compressor so I left the original air tubing in place and hooked up a separate set of air tubes to a manual fill valve that I mounted in an existing bumper shock absorber bracket hole. This will work for right now but eventually I want to convert to the electrical ALC compressor found in the '78 Eldos.
April 2009 - XM Radio and Coolant Temperature Gauge
April 2009 - XM Radio and Coolant Temperature Gauge  |  Total images: 13  |  Date added: 06/21/2011
Installed an XM Radio receiver and connected it via a FM direct box (plugs in-between antenna and radio) to the original radio. This way I avoided cutting any wiring, even the power take-off is via the fuse box. The receiver is held in place by a magnet that I mounted behind the dash woodtrim. This allows for the receiver to be hidden under the dash when not in use. The same goes for the aftermarket coolant temperature gauge which also mounts with a magnet.
May 2009 New Front and Rear Brake Parts
May 2009 New Front and Rear Brake Parts  |  Total images: 99  |  Date added: 06/21/2011
In preparation for the upcoming long trip to Las Vegas I figured it's time to work on the brakes. I replaced the rotors, calipers, brake pads and hoses in the front and the wheel cylinders in the back. While I had the front end off the ground I also put a new stabilizer bar end kit and a new steering damper in.
05/26/2009 Cleaning AC Evaporator
05/26/2009 Cleaning AC Evaporator  |  Total images: 15  |  Date added: 06/21/2011
I decided to remove the original AC evaporator to give it a good flush with AC cleaning solution. It worked great and I put it all back together. I also installed a drain line for the evaporator to prevent condensate from collecting on the bottom of the firewall.
May & June 2009 Remanufactured VIR Assembly
May & June 2009 Remanufactured VIR Assembly  |  Total images: 17  |  Date added: 06/21/2011
I took the VIR assembly apart to change the desicant bag on the original unit but found a lot of rusty stuff in there. Therefore I decided to install a remanufactured unit.
06/12/2009 Transmission Oil & Filter Change
06/12/2009 Transmission Oil & Filter Change  |  Total images: 11  |  Date added: 06/21/2011
It was time for a new transmission oil filter and some fresh transmission fluid.
06/12/2009 New Exhaust System
06/12/2009 New Exhaust System  |  Total images: 21  |  Date added: 06/21/2011
I had the original but rusty exhaust system replaced with a new custom made one. The work was done by a local shop and a new catalytic converter was also installed.
June 2009 Cracked RH Front Filler
June 2009 Cracked RH Front Filler  |  Total images: 5  |  Date added: 06/21/2011
It finally happened, the right hand front fender extension cracked. I'm pretty sure it is the original part so it isn't really a suprise.