1975 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe "The Big Blue Beater"
This is a '75 Eldorado that we bought for parts. It was a Mandarin Orange Firemist with Orange Plaid Interior car originally but has had a full color change including interior to dark blue. It ran and drove when we bought it and will now give all its parts to extend the life of other Eldorados.

Photos from the Craigslist Ad  |  Total images: 16  |  Date added: 08/11/2008
These are the photos from the Craiglist Ad not giving any indication of this Eldorado being an original Mandarin Orange car.
Photo Shoot  |  Total images: 90  |  Date added: 09/01/2008
These are the photos from the day we brought it home, still looks pretty decent from 20 feet away!
Engine Hoist & Stand  |  Total images: 5  |  Date added: 08/11/2008
This parts car project was a great excuse for buying an engine hoist and stand. All are 2 ton models, yeah heavy duty baby :-)
Disassembly  |  Total images: 336  |  Date added: 09/08/2008
Now the fun begins ... photos from the disassembly process.
The engine, a Cadillac 500 cui monster  |  Total images: 11  |  Date added: 09/21/2008
This engine might not have been original to this Eldorado as there is a tag from a rebuilder in Oakland that indicates that it was rebuilt in November of 2003.
The interior lives on in Elvis 75  |  Total images: 18  |  Date added: 09/28/2008
Because the interior of the beater was redone in incorrect material it didn't have any value for me and I decided to donate it to Phil and his blue '75 Eldorado Convertible "Elvis 75".